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resurrection stories

- by kathy

happy day-after-easter, refuge.  it was a really pretty holy week around here, with a fun & beautiful seder dinner on wednesday, art on maundy thursday, sacred & meaningful space to reflect on Jesus' death for good friday, and a hope-filled saturday night easter celebration.  and just to top if off, it was a gorgeous sunny day for our egg-hunt and brunch yesterday.  for a little church, we definitely know how to celebrate!

now, with all of the festivities over, what does easter mean for us? what does this cycle of death-lament-resurrection really look like, feel like, in our own lives? 

this easter, we pulled together a little book that some of you got at our easter service called "refuge resurrection stories".  they are so beautiful. and so brave!  they remind me that God-is-at-work in all kinds of ways that sometimes we can't see.  they remind me that transformation takes a long time and that miracles don't usually look like instantaneous healing but they are still miracles nonetheless. 

anytime we choose life instead of death, it's a miracle.  
anytime we are transformed from despair to hope, it's a miracle.  
anytime we haven't given up even though we wanted to, it's a miracle.  
anytime we are honest instead of hiding, it's a miracle.  
anytime we stayed in instead of run away, it's a miracle.  
anytime we soak in the reality of God's love for us, it's a miracle.  

so this is a little book of 18 miracles, all through different lenses.  18 stories of somehow being born again, in big or small ways.

i wanted to extend the offer to others who may not have had the chance on such a short deadline to get their stories to us so we can keep adding to this book of hope, a reminder that God is transforming us, healing us, resurrecting us. as karl shared on saturday night, we are being born again--over and over and over again. 

here is the simple template we used, knowing you can always feel free to go any direction that feels right to you to share your resurrection story.  just remember, no more than 750 words.  email them to me at  if you weren't there on saturday and want a copy, grab one this weekend or email me and we can figure out how to get it to you. 

 ____________'s Story

3 movements, they don't need to be equal weight but touch on them all.  the #3 is the most important.

1.  Describe where you were:
            What was life like?
            What were you feeling during this season?
            What needed to "die"?
2.  What began to shift things?
            Describe the turning point, where something began to change.
            What did God stir up for you?
            What did that look like, feel like?

3.  What emerged or is emerging?
            Describe the changes you are experiencing.
            What is coming alive or being born in you?   Where are you feeling hope?
            What are you learning about God, yourself, or others? 

* * * * *

i'll close with the blessing that chrissy & stacy shared at the end of our gathering on saturday, my hope for us this week.  here's to more & more resurrection!

As we leave today, may we go with hope 
Hope that life overcomes death

May we go with peace, 

knowing that God is with us always, will never leave us, never forsake us

May we go with joy, 

singing songs of the transforming work that's happening in our lives

May we go with love, 

serving others with humility and patience

May we go with awe, 

that resurrection is all around us.

And may we go with willingness, 

hearts soft and open to being born again, 
and again, and again

He is Risen,

We are risen.

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