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Isn't This How Church is Supposed to Be?

- by Jeff

My daughter and I went  to a convention last week; you know, the ones where fans dress up as their favorite movie or TV character and everyone goes to sessions to make fun of shows from their childhood or to debate if Wonder Woman should wear pants.  I saw how no one made fun of anyone else, and everyone seemed to enjoy sharing each other's company.  

In fact, everyone was having so much fun on the first day I decided to dress up myself on the next day.  

Although it was fun to be "in costume", I never felt judged that my costume wasn't accurate; in fact, even those who didn't dress up weren't looked down on for not taking part.

Isn't this how the church is supposed to be? 

The wild and crazy mixed up with the serious and serene?

Everyone having so much fun the newcomer just can't help but want to join in?

I think that's EXACTLY how it should be, and I'm going to think long and hard on how I can contribute to the fun. 

Who knows? Maybe I'll start coming in a costume...
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