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Into the Wild

- by Megan

all that you have
and your body awakens to letting go

It happens
in that moment between breathing
when your motion is neither in or out
and you choose to believe

And then you step

There is a cost to living--
There is a cost to holding on
and a cost to letting go
the choice in what you are willing to accept

This is where you listen
in that desert place you feel, your lack
for the sound of your heart's yearning
and count the cost

Then you step

Maybe you let go
of a feeling
of a need
of a belief that's held you tight

And maybe you hold on
to a trust you can not see
to a path you do not know
to your choice to follow

You take the next step

The wild isn't organized as you might like it
but it's alive, wild breathing
It's not the easy way
but it could be beautiful if your eyes are open to see it

Press on
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