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Into the Wild

- by Karl

"When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God's light shines on you."
- Into the Wild (Ron to Alexander Supertramp)

For the next 40 days of lent the refuge faith community will be centering our conversation on the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wild, while using the available metaphors of the the movie, Into the Wild.

My standard for how I determine whether a movie is good or bad is pretty simple: did it exceed my expectations, did it make me feel a strong emotion, did it show me something true for me. I loved Into the Wild. It is the true story of young man's quest to find himself, and he determines early that will require he renounce all materialism and trek into the klondike wilderness of Alaska. Since the movie is based on a true story ( the book was a best seller, and I even remember the 20/20 news story from a decade ago) I must have been predisposed to believe that the central theme was man vs. the wild, a solitary figure against alone against the world. I unfortunately believe that is supposed to be all of our stories. So I was surprised when I reexamined the movie a second time...

Only the smallest portion of the movie is filmed in Alaska. What I discovered was not a boy in the wilderness, but a boy being shaped by a series of significant friendships. The majority of the film is a series of significant relationships that shape and prepare him to find himself.

Sound familiar? During this Lent season we will find ourselves on a quest, to discover what is true, but not alone.

I am certain the journey will be scary, unknown, and filled with new experiences. But we have each other, parts of our stories uniquely ours, parts shared by all of us.

We will find the deepest truths about ourselves, together.

* * * * *
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