Our Teams
​​Since the beginning of The Refuge, we've been an egalitarian community led by women and men, alike. Currently, three teams of leaders serve The Refuge: 
  • Serve and Sustain --- This group of seven men and women facilitates, nurtures and supports the life of our community, and makes decisions, with input from our two other teams, when necessary.
  • Community Life --- Our many on-the-ground leaders, who help catalyze different ministries of The Refuge, meet regularly for updates and encouragement regarding: Community Outreach, Refuge Café, Refuge Kids, Practical Needs, Single Moms, Social Justice and Creation Care, Advocates, Finances, Recovery, Facilities, Contemplative Arts, Dinner Church, Refuge Reads, Book Pub, Yoga, and more.  
  • Advisory --- This group of seven men and women from outside our community offer us wisdom, encouragement, and, when needed regarding particular challenges, advice.
​We also always leave open seats for new and future friends and team members to join us in our attempts to embody Jesus' Kingdom dreams...