Our Teams
Since the beginning of The Refuge, we've been an egalitarian community led by women and men, alike. Currently, three teams of leaders serve The Refuge: 
  • Serve and Sustain --- This group of seven men and women facilitates, nurtures and supports the life of our community, and makes decisions, with input from our two other teams, when necessary.
  • Community Life --- Our many on-the-ground leaders, who help catalyze different ministries of The Refuge, meet regularly for updates and encouragement regarding: Community Outreach, Refuge Café, Refuge Kids, Practical Needs, Single Moms, Social Justice and Creation Care, Advocates, Finances, Recovery, Facilities, Contemplative Arts, Dinner Church, Refuge Reads, Book Pub, Yoga, #NatureHeals, 12 Steps for Anti-Racism Work, and more.  
  • Advisory --- This group of seven leaders from outside our community offer us wisdom, encouragement, and, when needed regarding particular challenges, advice.
We also always leave open seats for new and future friends and team members to join us in our attempts to embody Jesus' Kingdom dreams...