Our Invitation
We read (or sing) this aloud at the beginning of many of our gatherings...
"The Refuge is a Christian community and mission center planted in Broomfield, Colorado. We are young, old, poor, rich, single, married, gay, straight, evangelical, progressive, binary, non-binary, introverts, extroverts, born-here, born-elsewhere, eager, tired, book-smart, street-smart, certain, doubting, hurting, thriving.

Yet, we all bear God’s image.

The roots of our life together are these: a shared desire to follow Jesus and to restore dignity in each other where it’s been lost, and a common commitment to practice the values of presence, engagement, transformation, welcome, creativity and celebration.

In this place, we strive for safety and a brave space to grow. We invite each other to give what can be given, and to receive what can be received, as we make room for one another and for the Spirit Who Gives Life.

Peace and welcome, everyone!"