FAQ about the Refuge

You want to know? 

How do I join Refuge gatherings?
Anyone is welcome at any of our gatherings and events.  You can check out the times and locations on our Facebook page and email us at therefugeco@gmail.com if you need additional information.

Where are you located?
Our primary location, where we host a lot of our gatherings, is 6900 W. 117th Avenue #200 in Broomfield, CO 80020, in the same building as the North Denver Cares Food Pantry. This building is long, and we are on the far south end, closer to 116th Avenue. Enter on Quay Street and look for The Refuge sign on the corner of the building.

What can I expect?
You can expect that every gathering will have a little different flavor, and often, no two gatherings will be the same.  Everyone connects with God and each other differently, so we like to mix things up and create a lot of variety.  People are in different life and faith places at The Refuge, and sometimes that can be uncomfortable; however, we have found that it is through the discomfort that incredible growth and beauty emerges.

What do you guys believe?
At The Refuge we are practicing new ways of being together, holding differences in tension and letting Christ’s love bind us together in unity. We have written “What we believe (so far….)" as a way to express our desires more than a way to communicate who we believe to be right or wrong. We are always evolving, changing, being transformed by Christ and His love and are learning and adopting new ways of being and expressing faith in this world. Our Invitation to Community ​is what we are invited to each time we are together.​

Do you take donations of items?
We are connected with a lot of single moms and men and women in need of various resources.  We don't have a lot of room to store a bunch of stuff, but are always open to consider anything you might have that could be specifically helpful to someone else.  We partner with several other local organizations and often pass on what we receive to others who will get these items into the right hands.

Do you have pastors available to talk with me? 
We are always glad to talk through any questions you may have or we will help you find other resources that might fit your needs.  Feel free to email us therefugeco@gmail.com or call 720.295-2270. 

How can I financially support the work of The Refuge?
We would love your support!  The Refuge community is extremely generous, but the needs here far outweigh the resources.  We have several ways you can give to The Refuge:
  • Send a check to The Refuge, PO Box 6805, Broomfield, CO 80020
  • Leave in the designated mailbox at The Refuge during any of our gatherings
  • Use our PayPal Links below to make a one-time or recurring donation

All donations to The Refuge are tax-deductible, and we provide a receipt via mail at the end of every year.