the refuge throwing parties. sharing stories. finding hope. practicing the ways of Jesus.

all are welcome.

the refuge is a community of practice. a home for spiritual orphans. a place to gather hope. we meet most sunday evenings at the refuge space, and at houses and places of refuge during the week. we are now in our new home at 6900 w. 117th avenue #200, next to the habit for humanity restore and the north denver cares food pantry in broomfield. we are excited about this new chapter in our story and would love for you to be part!

your journey matters. our journey together matters. together we are justice. voice. healing. love. beauty. community. generosity. click the navigation links above to find out more. 

at our sunday evening gatherings we have a simple dinner at 5pm and a refuge kids program for babies-elementary.   see below to check out what's happening this week. 

invitation to community

the refuge is a mission center and christian community dedicated to helping hurting and hungry people find faith, hope, and dignity alongside each other.

we love to throw parties, tell stories, find hope, and practice the ways of Jesus as best we can.

we're all hurt or hungry in our own ways.
we are old, young, poor, rich, conservative, liberals, single, married, gay, straight, evangelicals, progressives, over-educated, undereducated, certain, doubting, hurting, thriving.

yet Christ's love binds our differences together in unity.

at the refuge, everyone is safe, but no one is comfortable.
we're at different places on our journey but we share a guiding story, a sweeping epic drama called the bible.

we find faith as we follow Jesus and share a willingness to honestly wrestle with God and our questions and doubts.

we find dignity as God's image-bearers and strive to call out that dignity in one another.

we all receive, we all give.

here's what's happening

sunday, august 3rd, 5:30pm

memorial day

weekend gathering, loving God in different ways

all summer long our weekend gatherings will be super simple. we will have a potluck bbq at 5pm (we will do the meat, bring a side dish to share if you can) followed by a different spiritual formation experience centered around loving God in different ways. some weeks the kids will be with us, some weeks there will be refuge kids program.
we will be offsite for two sundays, too, so check the website or facebook for details each week. click here to see the entire schedule.
this week: this week well be loving God through activism with our 2nd annual soap box night. share passionately and freely for 3-4 minutes on a topic you care about. or just listen to others who share. either way, well be challenged! 5pm potluck bbq (well do the burgers and hot dogs, bring a side dish), 5:30pm start.

the latest on the refuge blog:

check out lori's latest post:
my brave friend, brandi

the other day my brave friend, brandi posted this on her facebook page:

"i've been up and working since 7.... but i took the last 90 min off to lay by the pool all alone to check in with my soul.

leading a team this large, heading up this organization and preaching 6 times (4 of which will be to 2000+ women) feels like a responsibility i am not equipped to carry. the enemy whispers 'they'll get there and think you're a sham and should have your act together more."….

read more at the refuge blog.
check out our monthly calendar.

check out our summer events card for june, july, and august.

this week in the refuge community:

  • monday, 7.28.14, 6pm- basic yoga
  • monday, 7.28.14, 7pm- book pub at baker street grill
  • tuesday, 7.29.14, 10am-2pm- open space hours & soup lunch
  • wednesday, 7.29.14, 7am- men's group
  • wednesday, 7.29.14, 6pm- camp courage
  • sunday, 8.3.14, 5:30pm- super (simple) summer sundays weekend evening gathering, soap box night -5pm bbq potluck
  • monday, 8.4.14, 10am- botanical gardens contemplative retreat
see details here.

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summer 2014 body and soul care at the refuge

here are the dates. join us for all or some. details also on facebook .

the little mission that should - help us make it over this next hill!

we are so thankful for this past year and moving into our first space in broomfield after 7 years in portable ones. it’s been an amazing year for us. we are in the process of raising year 2 rent so we can sign the lease and move forward on our second year and continue the work that we love the most—people. we’d love your help. if you haven’t read it yet, here’s our story:
click here to download the pdf version to read and share.
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can you help us make it up this hill by donating to our year 2 rent? $135 per day keeps our doors open. sponsor a day, a week, a month.

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or send checks to:
the refuge
p o box 6805
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you can always join our facebook page for updates, too.
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